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Reservations, cancellations, payments, scheduling, credits, changes and additional charges


The following is a guide by which the company of TelluRides operates. All reservations require a credit card along with the client’s contact information and reservation details. Reservations are processed daily and confirmed via email. When applicable, the client may be able to submit payments via our online software. For large groups of 20 or more we do accept checks. Clients, groups or recipients of these services are responsible to verify and confirm all details within the reservation before submitting their payment. It is the client’s responsibility to read and understand the details described herein, and to contact TelluRides with any questions before proceeding with the reservation process.

TelluRides is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while providing services and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the service by them or any members of their party. Sanitation fee is $250. Alcohol Consumption and drug use is absolutely prohibited. The driver has the right to terminate the service without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s). Smoking is not permitted in any of our company vehicles. 

  1. Payments are processed 48 hours prior to the trip date. All and any payments made forth for any reservation, regardless of the service requested, are not eligible for a refund to the client. These payments are processed to secure a specific date and time which will not be available to any other client, and therefore resources will have been allocated to that specific service.
  2. TelluRides is not responsible for weather, airline, or other related delays, which will delay the client’s arrival to the scheduled destination and pick-up location. Flight delays may cause interference in the ground transportation schedules. Failure to arrive at the arranged pick-up location, regardless of the circumstance, the client may lose their transportation service due to other scheduled services. In this event, TelluRides will accommodate as best as possible working together (with airlines when applicable) with clients in order to provide the originally intended service. 
  3. When applicable, clients may receive a credit for prepaid services that have already been charged to their reservation. 
  4. All scheduled reservations require a minimum of 48 hours. Reservations will not be refunded, but may receive a credit for the current season. 
  5. The client is responsible to provide FULL payment for all reservations that are placed within 48 hours (or less) from the scheduled pick-up time.
  6. Transportation service cancellations that are placed within the time that the driver is dispatched are not eligible for refunds, credits or any other application of the originally intended use of that reservation.
  7. All credits MUST be applied to new reservations as they were originally charged. I.e.: if the credit was for $395, then the new reservation would have a credit of only $395 and if the reservation exceeds that amount then the client is responsible for the difference.
  8. Credits cannot be exchanged for cash, traded or utilized in any other manner than how they were originally issued.
  9. Credits and remaining balances can be transferred to other clients with a written consent from the initial credit holder. Approval from TelluRides management is required. All credits must be announced and applied at the time of booking via phone or email. Credits cannot be applied retroactively to an existing reservation. 
  10. TelluRides reserves the right to charge an additional "wait time". Any wait time requested by the customer at the time of service is subject to additional charged as follows. "Wait time" is priced at $95 dollars per hour. 
  11. All reservations that are placed within 48 hours of the scheduled service may be subject to an additional administrative charge of $45.
  12. All reservations require payment (however applicable) before the service is provided or a valid credit card on file. Services and details may vary depending on the particular request from the client, and this may differ from one reservation to another, seasonally, per event and/or price adjustment.
  13. Schedule for pick up, date or any other changes to any existing reservation MUST be submitted in writing before 48-hours of the trip to our office. These requests/changes will be granted based on calendar availability only. Additional charges may apply depending on the changes requested to this reservation.
  14. TelluRides reserves the right to refuse services to any individual or party, regardless of any circumstance, for the safety of other potential clients and to maintain a high level and quality of care.
  15. Reservations that are booked for pick-up before the hours of 7am and after the hours of 8 pm are subject to additional charges as follows: From Ridgway, within Ridgway and Ouray will be charged an additional $20 per reservation per each trip. From Ridgway, within Montrose and Telluride will be charged an additional $45 per reservation per each trip. These charges will be adjusted accordingly in the reservation process and documentation.
  16. It is the absolute responsibility of the client, individual or group to read, understand and agree to the terms detailed within this company policy. This document will and can be used as a tool during the booking process of any reservation.
  17. This document is directly related and complements the rates therein described on all marketing products, flyers, brochures, media, special event pricing as well as all written information regarding any certain reservation for any individual or group.
  18. Sanitation fee is $250. Most vehicles will have sickness bags accessible, ask your driver if you are feeling ill during transportation. 
  19. Animal clean up and excessive waste fee may be applied if we determine that the vehicle needs to halt its schedule to address the cleanliness of the vehicle for the future passengers. We suggest that you bring a clean blanket for your dog if they are a heavy shedder and clean up the trash after your group if you do not want to accrue an extra fee of $125. 
  20. Service animals are the only animals allowed on shared shuttles. Pets are allowed in private services only. The pet fee is $45 dollars for non service animals. Notify the office of any animals accompanying you or your reservation will be charged an extra fee. Animals must be restrained or in a carrier at all times while in the vehicle. 
  21. Gratuity will be included when a reservation is booked for a passenger by a third party. 
  22. Private transfers are NOT hourly and cannot be used as such unless booked accurately. Any stops requested by the customer that were not pre-approved by the office will be subject to an extra charge of 95 per hour. 
  23. Taxes and fees are included in TelluRides prices, although there will be a $10 fee for all Atlantic Aviation tarmac drop offs and pickups. 
  24. Customers are responsible for reviewing, approving, and confirming all reservations, as well as informing the office of any corrections, changes and cancellations.

Large Groups and Ski Clubs of 20 or more:


  1. Gratuity for the drivers will be automatically added to the Large Group reservations.
  2. At 60 days prior to the service TelluRides must receive a $500 non-refundable deposit which will be applied to the final payment in order to hold the vehicles for the selected date and time
  3. TelluRides must have a confirmation of reservation 60 days prior to the travel date. If the services need to be canceled, TelluRides must receive a cancellation within 30 days in writing.
  4. Final payment must be received in the form of a check no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled service.
  5. Specifically related to lost luggage, drivers are limited to a 30 minute wait time. For large groups, lost luggage is covered and will be delivered with the next available vehicle leaving the airport if the bags are released to the driver. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the airline in order to release the bags to the driver.
  6. The price provided at confirmation is set and covers delays within reason.  
  7. Other than extenuating circumstances TelluRides will not charge anything extra on top of the agreed upon base fee, which included taxes, fees, incidentals, and gratuity.
  8. $20 per passenger will be added if the transportation is scheduled outside of regular business hours (8pm-7am) 

Additional and odd size luggage:


  1. It is the customer’s obligation to report additional or oversized luggage to the office so that TelluRides can appropriately accommodate the passengers. Doing so will save the passenger/s from accruing additional charges. 
  2. Additional or excessive luggage may require special handling and could be subject to additional charges at the discretion of the office.


Grocery and other services:


  1. Special stops can be added to private transportation services with an additional charge. Stops are NOT included at the shuttle rate service.
  2. All special requests including ski rental, grocery stops, lodging service, meal service, etc, must be requested in writing prior to the service or they are subject to a same day upcharge.




  1. TelluRides reserves the right and obligation to protect and maintain private all client records and personal information provided to the company. These records and information are property of the client, and TelluRides will not utilize them in any other manner than for the sole purpose of processing a business transaction for the exchange of products and services. Any request by any individual, group or organization that may request private information will be denied immediately. Furthermore, clients may be advised of such requests for the purpose of alerting this client for the protection of their own privacy and property.